Share passwords with Keyfence

When we developed Keyfence we mainly did it because we had a need for it ourselves. After several years of sharing logins with various contacts online we started loosing track of what we had shared and with whom. Kind of the same way as when you lend your books to your friends you quickly start loosing track of them, with your passwords though this is definitely not a good thing!

In order to solve this issue you end up constantly changing all your passwords because who knows which person has access to what. Solving this issue was a big thing for us and now you can keep track of your shared passwords all the time and you only have to change the ones you would like to un-share.

In the image below you can see a test record which we have created.

2013-08-25 20-19-37


There is an X-icon below shared which indicates that the record is not shared with anyone. Let’s click on the record and share it.

2013-08-25 20-22-39


Click on the tab called “Sharing” and enter the e-mail of the user you would like to share the record with.

2013-08-25 20-24-20


Select the access level, if you select “Read” the user will only be able to view the password and the record information, if you select “Read/Write” the user will also be able to modify the record.

You can also select if the user should be able to forward the record onto other Keyfence users, if you allow this you will not be able to know who can see the record. However, if you stop sharing the record it will disappear from all the third party users as well.

2013-08-25 20-28-09


Now notice how there is a check mark below Shared which means that the record is now shared with at least one other user.

This is how easy it is to share and keep track of your stuff with Keyfence! Happy sharing!